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Term and conditions for Rental motorbike

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Term and conditions for Rental motorbike

1. Customer must Deposit 300 -500 baht by Cash or Money transfer and ID card or Passport.

2. In case of accident, Customer must be responsible for all expenses arising from the accident, including all damages incurred by the parties.

3. The company allows customer to use motorcycles only in Songkhla Province unless the customer has given advance notice and make such an agreement, if customer violates the agreement, they will be fined 1,000 baht per day to the company and must be responsible for any damage to motorcycle in any case.

4. The company does not allow to ride Motorcycle in flooded areas or on the beach, if customer violates the agreement have to pay a fine 3,000 baht to the company.

5. In case of accident, the customer must inform to the company immediately and not be allowed to move the motorcycle away from the accident site until the police or staff from company arrive.

6. Additional insurance does not cover loss of the key, the customer has to pay 500 baht for  (normal key)  1,500 baht for (Keyless) and in case of the tires damage customer must repair and all responsibility.

7. In case of losing the helmet, customer must pay a fine 300 baht each.

8. The customer must promise and take care of the motorcycle as own property.

9. The agreement of returning the motorcycle overtime, the customer must pay overtime 50 baht per hours, if overtime more than 5 hours, the customer must pay overtime for a full day.

10. The customer will be responsible for paying the indemnity to the parties in the event of an accident and the customer is fault.

11. In the event that the customer allows another person to use the motorcycle for illegal acts, the customer is directly responsible foe the damage to the motorcycle and the cost of legal proceeding, including the customer must pay a daily rental fee at the rate specified. If there is a lawsuit, the company will sue and prosecute directly with the customer only.

12. Note
  • The customer must refuel at the level of fuel when receiving the motorcycle. If there is no refueling, must pay 50 baht per mark on fuel meter. In case of the fuel is greater than the amount received, the customer cannot deduct the price of the fuel from the rentand the company does not have a policy to refund any money to the customer.

  • In case of, an accident caused by the customer using motorcycle in the flooded areas, high mountains, beaches and including the rider being intoxicated, the customer will be responsible foe all damages incurred. The insurance company does not cover from case caused by such cause.

  • The company can cancel the contract in any case if there is a breach of the contract.

  • Cancellation of the contract in any case, the company will not refund any money to the customer. 

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